PNY NVIDIA RTX A5000 PCI-Express x16 Gen 4.0,24 GB GDDR6 ECC 384-bit,NVlink Support, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 support with opt. Adapter VCNRTXA5000-PB

PNY NVIDIA RTX A5000 PCI-Express x16 Gen 4.0,24 GB GDDR6 ECC 384-bit,NVlink Support, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 support with opt. Adapter VCNRTXA5000-PB

PNY NVIDIA RTX A5000 PCI-Express x16 Gen 4.0,24 GB GDDR6 ECC 384-bit,NVlink Support, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 support with opt. Adapter VCNRTXA5000-PB

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PNY NVIDIA RTX A5000 PCI-Express x16 Gen 4.0, 24 GB GDDR6 ECC 384-bit, NVlink Support, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 support with opt. Adapte

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Perfectly Balanced. Blazing Performance.

NVIDIA RTX technology transformed the way professionals work by bringing the power of real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced graphics to millions of designers, artists, scientists, and researchers. Now, the NVIDIA Ampere architecture paves the way for a new era of innovative products, immersive entertainment, life-saving discoveries, and breathtaking designs—powered by the second generation of NVIDIA RTX.

Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the NVIDIA RTX A5000 perfectly balances power, performance, and memory to spearhead the future of innovation from your desktop. It combines 64 second-generation RT Cores, 256 third-generation Tensor Cores, and 8,192 CUDA cores with 24 GB of graphics memory to supercharge rendering, AI, graphics, and compute tasks. Connect two RTX A5000s for 48 GB of combined GPU memory with NVIDIA NVLink, unlocking the ability to work with larger models, renders and scenes, tackle memory-intensive tasks like natural language processing, and run higher-fidelity simulations to enhance your product development process. And support for NVIDIA virtual GPU software increases versatility for enterprise deployments. Realize your visions for the future today, with the NVIDIA RTX A5000.

Incredible Application Performance

Experience fast, interactive performance—powered by the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPU—with ultra-fast, on-board graphics memory technology and optimized software drivers for professional applications.

The NVIDIA RTX A5000 includes 64 RT Cores to accelerate photorealistic ray-traced rendering up to 2x faster than the previous generation. Hardware accelerated Motion BVH (bounding volume hierarchy) improves motion blur rendering performance by up to 7x when compared to previous generation.

With 256 Tensor Cores to accelerate AI workflows, the RTX A5000 provides the power necessary for AI development and training workloads. Incredible inferencing performance, combined with enterprise-class stability and reliability, make RTX A5000-powered desktop workstations ideal for professional AI training and inferencing deployments.

Scale application performance even more with NVIDIA NVLink technology that lets you combine two RTX A5000 cards to double the effective GPU memory and performance in a single workstation chassis to 48 GB.

Ensure hardware compatibility and stability through NVIDIA support of the latest OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, and CUDA standards, deep independent software vendor (ISV) developer engagements, and certification with over 100 professional software applications.

NGC support gives engineers, researchers, and data scientists access to NVIDIA-tuned, tested, certified, and maintained containers for the top deep learning frameworks, as well as third-party managed high-performance computing (HPC) containers, NVIDIA HPC visualization containers, and partner applications.


Scales memory and performance for the largest visual computing workloads
Faster than PCIe-based solutions and offers flexible configurations

vGPU Software Support

NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC)
NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps)
NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)
NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)
vGPU Profiles from 1 GB to 24 GB

Product Specifications

CUDA Cores 8192
Tensor Cores 256
RT Cores 64
Single Precision Performance 27.8 TFLOPS
RT Core Performance 54.2TFLOPS
Tensor Performance 222.2TFLOPS
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 768 GB/sec
GPU Memory 24GB GDDR6 with ECC
Memory Interface 384-bit
NVENC | NVDEC 1x | 2x (+ AV1 decode)
System Interface  PCI Express 4.0 x16
Display Connectors 4x DisplayPort 1.4a
Maximum Power Consumption  230 W
Bus Type PCI-Express 4.0 ×16
Card Dimensions 4.4" H x 10.5" L Dual Slot
NVLink Interconnect 112.5 GB/sec bidirectional

Streaming Multiprocessors

TNVIDIA® RTX™ technology
revolutionized professional visual
computing forever. The NVIDIA
Ampere architecture builds on
the power of RTX to significantly
enhance the performance of
rendering, graphics, AI, and
compute workloads. Engineered
to perfection and featuring
cutting-edge innovations, the
NVIDIA Ampere architecture
takes RTX to new heights for
professional workloads.

2nd Generation
RT Cores

New Tensor Float 32 (TF32)
precision provides up to 5X
the training throughput over
the previous generation to
accelerate AI and data science
model training without requiring
any code changes. Hardware
support for structural sparsity
doubles the throughput for
inferencing. Tensor Cores
also bring AI to graphics with
capabilities like DLSS, AI
denoising, and enhanced editing
for select applications.

3rd Generation Tensor Cores

Get up to 2X the throughput with structural sparsity and advanced AI algorithms such as DLSS. These cores deliver a massive boost in game performance and all-new AI capabilities.

Więcej informacji
CUDA® Cores 8192
Architecture NVIDIA Ampere
GPU rozwiązania i zastosowanie NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC), NVIDIA RTX Workstation (vWS), AR/MR/VR/XR Capable, Video Encode and Decode, NVIDIA virtual GPU, Application Performance, Visualization and AI, rendering and synchronized graphics performance
wsparcie VR tak
chłodzenie grafiki pojedyńczy
Single-Precision Performance up to 30 TFLOPS
rodzaj pamięci GDDR6
pamieć karty 24GB
Mocowanie i profil kart PCIe FHHL/ HHHL
Gwarancja 3 lata
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