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Vess R3600xiD 4-port 1G iSCSI + 2-port 10G SFP+, 3U, DDR 16GBx2 Dual Controllers F40VR3600010176 10TBx16, 160 TB (incl. NAS and free bundled Perfect Data for Vess R3000)

4-port 1G iSCSI + 2-port 10G SFP+, 3U, DDR 16GBx2 Dual Controllers F40VR3600010176 10TBx16, 160 TB (incl. NAS and free bundled Perfect Data for Vess R3000)

Vess R3600xiD 4-port 1G iSCSI + 2-port 10G SFP+, 3U, DDR 16GBx2 Dual Controllers F40VR3600010176 10TBx16, 160 TB (incl. NAS and free bundled Perfect Data for Vess R3000)

VMware Compatibility Guide

Model Firmware Version Test Configuration Features
Vess R3000 Series 13.03.0000.07 16G FC Switch Learn More
Vess R3000 Series 13.03.0000.07 iSCSI Learn More
Vess R3000 Series 13.03.0000.07 NFS Learn More

Agility, Reliability and Ultimate in Value

The Vess R3000 Series unified storage appliance consolidates both block and file protocols onto a single hardware platform, providing today’s SMB IT operations with cost-effective ways to be flexible, meet performance goals while simplifying storage administration. High availability features design with active-active configuration, the Vess R3000 Series storage solutions can be used in data-intensive environments such as virtualized, cloud data centers or mid-size to large scale surveillance installations utilizing the VESS A Series products where no downtime is required. From Terabytes to Petabytes and beyond with support for on-demand expansion capability plus advanced storage services features bundled, the Vess R3000 Series offerings are the most cost-effective solutions that all SMB’s can afford.

Efficient, Intelligent and Highly Scalable for Your Business Needs

Future proof your storage investment, the Vess R3000 Series supports up to 208 hard drives with online expansion capability. Over-allocating of storage leveraging Thin-Provisioning feature helps take the worry out of planning and testing when additional capacity is required in the future. The included Read/Write Flash Cache Acceleration feature provides additional performance boost while lowering the latency. PROMISE intelligent data caching automatically promotes hot data to cache in real time, so you get the full benefit of flash performance. An additional layer of data protection with the use of the Snapshot feature aides with Point-in-Time content recovery when your business needs it most.

Simplifying Management and Support

Simplicity and ease of use are absolutely crucial for SMBs with limited IT resources. The Vess R3000 is designed specially with SMBs in mind as it features One Plug Auto Service (OPAS) to reduce maintenance complexity and streamline an easier tech support workflow. Simply plug in a USB drive and the user can retrieve information about the system for tech support, upgrade firmware, reset passwords and much more. Embedded web storage management with intelligence Wizard technology helps reduce the learning curve for setup and configuring of the storage solution in your environment.

Going the Extra Mile to Protect Your Data

The Vess R3000’s new CacheGuard Data Protection features, Advanced Battery Flash Backup, go that extra mile to ensure your data is safe in case of power loss. Delivering protection of RAID controller write cache content beyond the standard 72-hour window, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected even when disaster strikes. Predictive Data Migration (PDM) proactive and predictive analytics keep your data safe with self healing technology.


Drive Support
  • Up to 16 3.5” drives
  • 6/12 Gb SAS, 6 Gb SATA HDD and SSD
  • Supports any mix of SAS and SATA drives simultaneously in the same enclosure
8GB x 1 per ctrl (up to 64GB)
Host Connectivity per Ctrl
1x Quad port 1GbE
1x Dual port 10GbE SFP+
Online Capacity/Volume Expansion up-to 12 JBOD's, 208 Drivers
RAID Levels
0, 1 , 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
RAID Stripe Size Support
64K, 128K, 256K, 512K and 1MB
Hot Spares
Global or dedicated with revertible option
Max Volumes per System
Advance pool: 1024
Standard pool: 991
Max Volumes per Pool
Advance pool: 256
Standard pool: 31
Advanced Storage Features
  • Advanced Cache Mirroring over PCIe Gen3
  • LUN Masking and Mapping
  • Asymmetric LUN Unit Access (ALUA)
  • PerfectFlash - Non-Disruptive Software Update
  • I/O performance & power monitoring tools
  • USB Service Log
  • Data Services1: Thin-provision, Snapshot. Thin Clone and SSD Caching
Background Activities
  • Media Patrol
  • Foreground Initialization
  • Redundancy Check
  • Feature rich task scheduler for background activities
  • Background Synchronization
  • Rebuild
  • Disk SMART Polling
  • UPS Monitoring
PerfectRAID Features
  • Predictive Data Migration (PDM)
  • Intelligent Bad Sector Remapping
  • SMART Error Handling
  • NVRAM Error Logging
  • Disk Slot Power Control
SAN Protocol
1/10G iSCSI ; Max 1024 Sessions per controller
Storage Expansion per Ctrl
1 x one 12Gb SAS Mini-SAS (SFF-8644)
Management per Ctrl
1 x RJ-45 1Gb Ethernet and 1x RJ11 Serial Port
GreenRAID Features
  • Four levels of advanced power management disk drive (MAID) support
  • Efficient 80Plus Certified Power Supply
Network Protocols
SMB/CIFS (Windows, MAC), NFS (Linux/Unix), FTP, WebDAV
Max. Share Disk
1024 per pool
Max. Share Disk Size
Max. no. of Concurrent Sessions
Max. Account
Supported Domain
Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Apple Open Directory
Max. Domain Account
Data Management
Permission Management, Quota Management, Online Expansion
Management Interfaces
  • Web Based management using WebPAM PROe (Ethernet)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Third Party Management Support via SNMP
Supported OS
Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, OS X 10.x, RHEL 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, and 7.2, SLES 11, 11 SP4, and 12 SP1
Software Certification
VMware ESXi 6.7, Citrix Server 7.4, Windows
Power Supply
CRPS 550W ; Efficiency 80PLUS Certified Redundant Power Supply
AC: 100-240VAC; DC: 180-320VDC Auto-Ranging
Current (Maximum)
< 8A@100-240VAC@full load; < 8A@180-320VDC@full load
Power Conversion Efficiency
>80% @ 110V (>20% load), >80% @ 240V (>20% load) Temperature Range
Temperature Range
Operational: 5° to 35°C, Non-Operational: -40° to 60°C
Operational: 20% to 80% (Non-Condensing), Non--Operational: ~ 95% (Non-Condensing)
Acoustic Noise Levels
< 60dB, 25C
Operational: 5G, 11 ms duration, Non-Operational: 30G, 11ms duration
Operational: 0.2G, 5 to 500Hz (sine wave) ; 0.41G, 3-10-200-500Hz (Random) , Non-Operational: 1G, 5 to 500Hz (sine wave) ; 2.256G, 5-80-350-500Hz (Random)
Safety and Emission Certification
Environmental Standards
131mm x 446.7mm x 507mm (5.2” x 17.6” x 19.96”)
3 year limited warranty
Flash Module, 8Gb SFP Optical Transceiver, SAS Cable, 3G SATA AA-Mux Adapter, 6G SAS-to-SATA Interposer Adapter, 10Gb SFP+ Optical Transceiver
Więcej informacji
wspierany RAID
rozmiar kieszeni hdd/ssd
3.5 (LFF)
prędkosć transferu
max ilość HDD/SSD
porty do Hosta zintegrowane
4 x 1Gb/s iSCSI, 8 x 1Gb/s iSCSI, 2 x 10Gb/s FCoE, 4 x 10Gb/s FCoE
storage Host Ports Options
4 x 1Gb/s iSCSI, 8 x 1Gb/s iSCSI, 4 x 10Gb/s iSCSI ports/ SFP+, 8 x 10Gb/s iSCSI ports/ SFP+, 1 x 12Gb/s SAS, 2 x 12Gb/s SAS
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